Laboratory of Physiology and Biomedical Imaging (LBI) -University of Cyprus (UCY)

The laboratory was established in February 2007 in the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering with University (start-up) and Departmental funding. Critical to the establishment and initial strides was funding from the Hellenic Bank.

The faculty, research associates, and students associated with the lab had been interested in the study of global and molecular mechanisms of cardiac mechanics and force generation, as well as on the patho-physiological mechanisms of disease and transgenesis, with emphasis on the murine heart.

Additionally, work was pursued on the mechanical and functional modelling of the murine and human hearts through the development of new imaging techniques, advanced applications, and processing tools.

 This website has been maintained from personal funds (Dr. C. Constantinides) and presents Dr. Constantinides’s comprehensive history and track record (including recent appointments at the EU Institutions and the U. Oxford). Expressed opinions and information posted herein are unrelated and irrelevant to U. Cyprus.